Friday, August 29, 2008

Former work

Okay I got a blog lets fill it up :D
Here are a couple of pieces i have done in the past.
Some are from some beginning art classes but, I really enjoyed creating them.
Enjoy. :)

This piece below was done in my 2-D class as a positive and negative design. I love how the humming birds are so delicate that it adds to the motif of the flowers they create.

This piece below was also from my 2-D class and I actually entered it into the student art show at Santa Ana College. I know the pictures are a bit lopside, later on I will put them together with a cleaner line. I really put a lot of work into this one piece and it certainly paid off! :D I actually ended up winning an award for best design in the ink category at SAC. Cool!!

This is a character design I did in Illustration A with graphite, it still needs some work but i am extremely happy with the way it came out, I know this is one of my favorites.

I have much more on its way so I will be sure to post them up soon. :D